A Course in the Magic of Crystal Alchemy

Come Join Us And…

…learn the never-before-revealed secrets of Crystal Alchemy from a real certified Alchemist and Crystal Master… in this new, amazing, extraordinary course.

You know what you want in life, we all do.

But living the life we want seems to get harder each day. Stress builds up, the news is bad, the kids fight, and the cat needs to go to the vet again!

Money is tight, and just when things seem to be going right… the car breaks.

 Where is the magic?

Where are the beautiful relationships, the self-confidence, the happiness, friendships, comfort and security of which we have always dreamed?


  • You want to get the magic back in your life and relationships again.
  • You want to help others find the life they need using the magic of crystals.
  • You have used crystals in a healing practice but you just know there is more to their energy than the books are telling you.
  • You want real control over your life and know that somehow that power is in crystal.
  • You would like to have a way to connect with others who share your love for crystals.
  • Want to use crystals and their energy in new ways that will explore their wonders.
  • Use crystals to live and build the life you want.

You have just found a way to build the life you want.

the magic of crystal alchemy

This is probably the most exciting crystal course ever written. When you finish this course, you will feel you have finally discovered the reasons you found crystals. You will certainly learn that you can actually achieve the life you want and you will realize there is still magic in the world and it can make all the difference in your life.

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Magic is Real

We, like you, know magic is real. In fact, we know it is actually essential to giving our lives meaning and color.

What is magic? Magic is our human attempt to understand that which we do not have the science yet to understand. Magic is the personal efforts to deal with a Universe of pure mystery.

We are going to find that magic in Crystal Alchemy.

Opening the doors on what has been the mysterious study of alchemy and expanding it to bring the energy and magic of crystals to light is unprecedented.

universe magic
hank mason

I am Hank Mason, the author of this course and I am delighted and thrilled to open these doors for you I am dedicated to expanding the knowledge of crystals in this world. I founded the Crystal Vaults to bring crystals and crystal knowledge to the everyone. Our Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia is the most useful guide to crystal energy available.

I founded the Crystal Inner Circle to teach using crystals, and I am the founding Crystal Master of the Crystal Guild where we certify real crystal masters. I am a Graduate Gemologist, a Reiki Master, and what is important here, I am a fully certified Alchemist of the International Alchemist Guild.

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Crystal Alchemy

certified crystal alchemist badge

Crystal Alchemy is a new offshoot of traditional alchemy drawing on the traditions and methods of the alchemist of old and combining them with the knowledge of the energies of crystals and stones.

Today we can combine the wisdom of the ancient alchemist, seers, and magicians with the current findings of science.

The result is a robust, easily mastered skill – creating magic from crystal energy. The study of this skill is called Crystal Alchemy.

Never before have some of these secrets been revealed. You will be amazed to learn that wonders you just thought might exist, really do exist.

And you can easily control and use them to make life better for yourself and others. This course will show you how.

Brief Course Outline

Part One

The result is a robust, easily mastered skill – creating magic from crystal energy. The study of this skill is called Crystal Alchemy.

Never before have some of these secrets been revealed. You will be amazed to learn that wonders you just thought might exist, really do exist.

And you can easily control and use them to make life better for yourself and others. This course will show you how.

Part Two

Next, in Part Two, we will look at how ancient alchemists used ritual and intention in their work. Their discoveries, once hidden in obscure texts, will guide our magical alchemist work. We will explore the Alchemists’ Inner Laboratory, their Outer Laboratory, and learn how to make basic essences using a sample page of the Crystal Alchemist Handbook.

When you get to this point, you will understand how Crystal Alchemy can add the magic to your life that it needs. You will be ready for the hands-on work of learning the processes of Crystal Alchemy. You will know how a Crystal Alchemist works magic and you will have the knowledge of basic essences work.

The next sections consist of the actual work of using the magic of Crystal Alchemy in creating the things in our lives that we want: Money, Love, Forgiveness, Happiness, Friendship, Knowledge, Peace, Opportunity, Trust, Health, Escape, Security, and more.

Part Three

In Part Three we start the hands-on lab work with learning to extract tinctures and color essences of crystals and stones. Exact, specific instructions will be provided and illustrated in the Crystal Alchemist Handbook. You will also learn how to create and use rituals. These instructions have never before been published or shared with non-members of the Alchemist Guild.

Part Four

In Part Four we learn the power of elixirs. We will learn to make them, and how to use them. The exact instructions and guides are provided to assure your success.

Part Five

Part Five introduces Crystal Aromatherapy – the new art of combining crystal energy with that of the plant kingdom.

Part Six

Part Six introduces the use of pyramid power and its uses in Crystal Alchemy. The mystery of the power base of the pyramid shape is still unsolved, but using it is now within our understanding.

Part Seven

Part Seven focuses on making talismans and amulets. Using our knowledge of the Zodiac and the travels of the Sun and Moon, we find the perfect symbols and optimum times to make protective talismans for anyone. Easy to follow instructions will assure everyone can make and use talismans and amulets for their safety and security.

At the end of this course, you will know how to use the magic of Crystal Alchemy to make the life you want. You will be able to use the power and energy of Crystal Alchemy to constantly improve your life and spirit. You will be amazed (and a much happier person).

Here is why you need this course in your life:

  • You will find magic. Your Crystal Alchemy skills will bring it into your life.
  • You will have the luck you need. This course teaches alchemist secrets to make lucky amulets never before revealed.
  • You will gain real control of your life. Find happiness, gain more money, live better as you use the skills and magic of Crystal Alchemy in all phase of your life.
  • You will finally know how to use the real energy and power of crystals. You will be confident and assured in using them to improve your life and spirit.
  • You will have a dedicated cadre of crystal expert to teach and guide your efforts. You will excel.
  • You can take pride in your achievement. The course leads to the knowledge you need for Certification as a Crystal Alchemist of the Crystal Guild.

How much does this course cost?

This course can be taken for FREE in the Crystal Inner Circle or taken here in the Crystal Guild for $499. Both routes include all of the lessons and course materials needed to become a Certified Crystal Alchemist.

As a courtesy, we are offering part of the course to the general public for free. The second part of the course, required for certification, must be purchased.

PART ONE and PART TWO: Will be offered here, on this page, as a courtesy educational experience.

PARTS THREE – SEVEN: Provided as a course in the Crystal Inner Circle for all membership levels or here in the Crystal Guild.

How do I get this course?

Links to download all the eight lessons of the Introductory Parts One and Two will be available over the next two weeks below. To take the rest of the course, learn more, and prepare for your certification, you can purchase access or join the Crystal Inner Circle.

Memberships in the Crystal Inner Circle are currently up to 60% OFF! Plus, you can use discount code GUILD20 during checkout to instantly save $20 off your new membership!

The course will be available to all membership levels starting on July 19th, 2022.

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A Course in the Magic of Crystal Alchemy

Complimentary Lessons

Lesson 1

This lesson offers an introduction to the world of Crystal Alchemy as well as your new Life-Village, “Bliss”. It also gives you an outline of the upcoming course and what you can expect to learn.

Lesson 2

We’ll delve into the subject of magic. And to answer your question, yes, it is very real. In this lesson, we’ll go over sympathetic magic, the Law of Contact, and the concept of essences.

Lesson 3

We’ll explain what Crystal Alchemy is all about, showing how it uses the principles of Sympathetic Magic to make essences, elixirs, aromatherapy mixtures, talismans, and more.

Lesson 4

In this lesson, we will start to uncover the Inner Laboratory. In this Laboratory the Alchemist uses the tools of ritual, belief, mindfulness, and intention in their creative efforts.

Lesson 5

In this lesson, we continue to explore the tools used in the Inner Laboratory of the Crystal Alchemist. Here we’ll explore the role of Belief, Mindfulness, Intention, and Intention.

Lesson 6

The ancient alchemist had large elaborate laboratories. Fortunately, Crystal Alchemy does not use any dangerous chemicals and it needs no elaborate, expensive equipment.

Lesson 7

In this lesson, we will learn to separate the first primordial element of a crystal – its essential energy. This lesson provides the detail and understanding of what is involved.

Lesson 8

In the last lesson we learned all about crystal essences and what they are. In this lesson we’ll offer you the details and the necessary supplies, timing, and exact steps to make your first crystal essence.