The Basic Crystal Grid Course

Welcome to a wonderful journey into the mysteries, wonder, and power of crystal grids. The Basic Crystal Guild Course is 19 introductory lessons that are the prerequisite for the Crystal Grid Master Course.

This introductory course will show you that when crystals are arranged properly on a well-designed grid, their energies are combined, magnified, and reinforced. Combining the energies of different crystals allows for the creation of crystal grids to be made and used for virtually any purpose.

Using crystal grids effectively will allow you to combine the power of the healing and spiritual energies of crystals. Crystal grids will greatly expand the effectiveness of crystals by combining their energies.

Written by the Expert on Crystal Grids

This course is written and delivered by Henry Mason, the leading expert on crystal grids. He is also the author of the best selling book on crystal grids, “Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life”.

He is now bringing his knowledge and years of experience directly to you! The current tuition cost to enroll in the Basic Crystal Grid Course is $100.

The Basic Crystal Grid Course is FREE forever for all members of the Crystal Inner Circle. The follow-up course, The Crystal Grid Master Course, is only available to Annual and Lifetime Members of the Crystal Inner Circle.

Do I Need a Crystal Grid?

In our practice we are often asked, “why do I need a crystal grid? Isn’t the energy in a single crystal enough for my needs?” The answer to these questions (like the answer to many questions) is “it depends”. There are many times when a single crystal can be all that is required for a particular need. Properly prepared and used, crystals can be highly effective in channeling the universal life force to meet a need.

But sometimes you need more. You might need the extra help of different energies that cannot be found in a single crystal. You might need to tune, further amplify, combine, or shape a crystal’s energy with other energies for a particular need. When you find that your needs exceed what a single crystal can help you accomplish, you are ready for a crystal grid.

How Much Does This Course Cost?

The current tuition cost is $100, which will enroll you into the Basic Crystal Grid Course.

The Basic Crystal Grid Course will be FREE forever for all members of the Crystal Inner Circle. This course is a prerequisite that leads into The Crystal Grid Master Course which is offered completely free to all Crystal Inner Circle Annual and Lifetime Members inside of the Crystal Academy.

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Accessing the Course

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