The Crystal Guild is based on the ancient and honorable guild system of medieval Europe. It is a service of the Crystal Vaults, home of the Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia that serves over 11 million readers annually.

The Guild serves as a professional crystal educational and accreditation organization. The Guild is focused on assuring a high degree of professionalism for crystal practitioners and healers by offering seven levels of crystal professional certification. The Guild publishes the criteria for each certification level and offers independent examinations for each level.

The Guild does not accept members. Rather, the Guild is an association of duly accredited professionals that have demonstrated a given level of competency through independent examination.

The Guild establishes standards and offers certification to individuals testifying to their competence and knowledge.

The Guild is dedicated to assuring the practices such as crystal healing, crystal alchemy, crystal astrology, crystal feng shui, and other related practices are provided with the highest levels of competency and professionalism.

All accredited members (and only accredited members) are authorized to display their certifications and to use the emblems and icons of the Guild.