Certified Crystal Astrology Course

     Astrology can be very intimidating. The vocabulary is difficult to master, the concepts are esoteric, and the myriad of schools of astrology make even basic understanding a problem for almost all of us.  And astrologers are expensive.


Maybe you have had a birth chart made. They are free now on a number of websites. If you were like me, looking at it was sort of like a pig looking at a wristwatch: interesting, but unfathomable. Most of us got about that far, put it in a drawer, then just occasionally turn to a daily horoscope for our Sun Sign and call it a day.


But wait!


There is a very popular part of astrology called Moon Astrology.  It recognizes the simple fact that when the Moon is above the horizon it has about a million times more astrological effect on us than all the other planets combined.  It is like a giant searchlight in your backyard shining in your window compared to the other planets being like flashlights in some small village in China.  it really doesn’t matter where those flashlights are or in which village, the searchlight simply overpowers them.   So when the Moon is below the horizon, traditional sun-based astrology is effective and it matters where the planets are in their houses compared to your birth chart.  When the moon is above the horizon, it simply dominates the sky and the astrological effects.  What we need to know is what effect it is having.  Crystal Moon Astrology teaches us that, and it turns out to be remarkably easy to use.


This course consists of several modules.

Lore and Legend, Fact and Fiction: This section introduces the magic and wonder of the Moon, From ancient beliefs to the most current research we will explore the Moon from both its metaphysical and scientific views. You will find that life as we know it on Earth is actually totally dependent on the Moon.


The Phases of the Moon. Building on the first module we will explore the 29.5 day cycle of the Moon’s luminosity. From the New Moon to the Full Moon and back the cycle for most of history defined the calendar of mankind. Our name for a Month, is just a “Moonth” with one “o” missing. 

     The Fundamental Elements:  Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  Understanding the basic elements is actually key to Moon Astrology.  The reason is that we as humans and the Moon and the Earth are composed of the four elements and as the Universe resonates, so do we.  Staying in sync means good health and prosperity.  


The Moon in the Zodiac.  The Moon’s travel in the Zodiac is a rapid one.  It circles the entire Zodiac from our perspective every 28 days as it orbits the Earth during that time.  When we divide the Zodiac into 12 parts we have the well-known Sun Signs such as Virgo and Cancer.  When we divide it into 28 parts we get the Mansions of the Moon.  The Mansions of the Moon have been a part of Astrology for over 5,000 years.  Each Mansion reflects the unique elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth-based on its location in the Zodiac.

     The Spirits and Crystals of the Mansions. From all cultures and times people have associated the Moon and the elemental energy it brings by the personification of the energy. Called by whatever name, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Elementals, Saints, or deities, these spirits bring us an understanding of how the Moon and its energy have affected us as humans across time and culture. The minerals and crystals of each Mansion are explored.


Advanced Topics – In this section we explore some advanced topics to extend your understanding of Crystal Moon Astrology.We explore concepts such as “Birth Mansion”, “Birthday Mansion”, “Mansion of the New Moon”, “Shadow Mansions”, “Relationship of Moon Phases and Zodiac Mansions”, and more…

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