Accreditation Levels

The certification of crystal expertise is made on seven levels. The certification is conducted primarily by written examination:


Certified Crystal Practitioner

Demonstrate knowledge of crystal healing basics, crystal color uses, basic grid design, basic elixirs, and basics of cleansing crystals.  Complete CCP examination.



Certified Crystal Healer

Understand effects of kindness, the power of intentions, the use of healing rituals, appropriate healing environments, effects of the Moon’s travels and phases, the healing energies of crystal lattices, earth energy of chemical composition and color rays, cleansing crystals with the four elements, the effects of chakra imbalances, methods of chakra balancing, crystal layouts based on sacred geometry, and healing with talismans and amulets.  Pass the CCH examination.



Certified Crystal Alchemist

Demonstrate the knowledge of Practitioner and Healer, and the ability to make and use crystal essences, crystal elixirs, herbs, and crystal aromatherapy by satisfactory completion of CCA examination.



Certified Crystal Aromatherapist

Demonstrate the knowledge of the using aromatherapy with your crystal healing and the ability to make crystal aromatherapy mixtures. Crystal Aromatherapist certification is earned upon completion of the course and submission of a page from your personal course handbook.



Certified Advanced Crystal Healer

Demonstrate the knowledge of the Practitioner, Healer, and Alchemist, plus demonstrate an ability to make and use crystal grids and medicine wheels.  Demonstrate mastery of animal crystal healing and Reiki crystal healing. Complete with CACH examination.



Crystal Master

Demonstrate the knowledge of all previous levels plus using crystals in honoring and contacting spirit beings such as goddesses and angels.  Complete the Crystal Master Examination.



Crystal Mage

Demonstrate the knowledge of all previous levels plus mastery of advanced crystal magic. No exam, honorary – based on body of work.