Certified Crystal Healer Course

What is it?

This course is an all-new, on-demand, mobile device ready course developed by Hank Mason, author of the Certified Crystal Practitioners Course, Llewellyn author, and founder of the Crystal Vaults, home of the Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia, serving 11 million visitors annually. It is a complete course in crystal healing that will prepare you to take the Certified Crystal Healers examination (and you are guaranteed to pass!!).


You may have always wanted to understand crystals and crystal healing. You may have dreamed of being a Certified Crystal Healer. Now you can make that dream a reality. You can do it easily

on your own schedule
on your own time
and you will absolutely succeed!


And yes, you can do this in 5 minutes per day if you desire.

The Certified Crystal Healer Course


Become a Certified Crystal Healer in 5 minutes per day!

You can now become a Certified Crystal Healer in 5 minutes per day and complete the entire course in just 10 weeks. This all-new, state-of-the-art program is now available to you straight from the Crystal Guild.


10 years in the making….

The Crystal Guild
New Millennium Crystal Healers Course

is now available.


And…. there is nothing to download, no DVDs, no complex forms or booklets to wade through. There is no schedule, no meetings, no long-winded seminars, no hassles.

The entire course is mobile phone ready. Yes, you can take the entire course on your phone, and you don’t even have to turn it sideways!!!

The entire course is a series of 70 on-demand, streaming videos that are built using a new square video format so that you can watch them on a mobile phone or tablet in portrait view.  Now anywhere you have an Internet connection you have your course.

Imagine, a course that comes to you. It is ready when you are. It takes only a few minutes per day. You can watch it on your schedule. It is in small 5 minutes sections the are easy to digest.

The course is completely new. It is the result of 10 years of study and practice. It is as ancient as the Picatrix and as modern as recent studies at major universities on the power of meditation, belief, optimism, and alternative healing. It is consistent with the healing principles of Reiki, being written by a Reiki Master. This course is modern, up-to-date, authoritative, yet easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to master.

Written by Hank Mason, founder of the Crystal Vaults and the Crystal Inner Circle and author of the ‘Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans’ and of the 2016 “Crystal Grids” published by Llewellyn, this course teaches you everything you need to become a qualified and certified crystal healer.

I know you can spend from $997 to $1995 for a Certified Crystal Healer course on the internet. And you can spend that on this course also. However, we believe that crystal education should be more affordable.

Based on over 10 years of research, this course is complete, factual, and practical. It will teach you everything you need to know to be a highly effective crystal healer.

Some things may be familiar, like the Chakras, but much will be new. Learn how Tarot Pathwork can make your healing much more effective. Learn the Circle Balance School approach to chakra balance. Learn how to use the Moon’s travels to pick the best times of a month for which type of crystal work, and much more.

Whether you want to just know how to use your crystals for your needs or you aspire to a business as a crystal healer, this is your course.


The course is a series of 70 five-minute video lessons. Take one a day, spend 5 minutes, and in 10 weeks you will be ready to be a Certified Crystal Healer. Or watch several per day and be ready sooner. It is up to you. Learn at your pace, on your schedule, and on your own terms.


The course is divided into 14 sections for ease of mastery.



Each section has a number of 5-minute modules that are easy to watch.


Each of the sections covers a key area of knowledge essential for success.



The cost of the entire course is $499.
It is completed online via a computer or mobile device.
All of the course materials needed to learn and pass the examination
are provided to you for an entire year.


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Section 1 – Using the Power of Kindness

Kindness is real magic! The intent of kindness – not condemnation of the causes of the disease – is the first essential element of crystal healing. In this section, the crystal healer is introduced to a powerful force in crystal healing and clear instructions for using that force are provided. The Jade Smile is introduced.

Section 2 – Using the Power of Intentions

To heal others or your own body and spirit, you must first intend and contemplate the results you desire. You must do so with pure kindness with no thoughts of that which is negative, but rather the positive results and life that is envisioned. Only then can the healing arts create that which is desired. The power of intentions can be manifested with affirmations. They are an essential step in any crystal healing regimen.

Section 3 – The Use of Healing Rituals

Ritual involves a sequence of actions performed with intention and focus, which impacts both the unconscious and universal mind. As people participate in the ritual, they create a conscious energy which brings power to their vision to manifest and co-create.

The art of healing encompasses all that surrounds the encounter and defines it in the mind of the patients. Time, attentive listening, thoughtful conversation, and the laying on of hands with an artfully arranged environment can alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and cure many issues. The art of care is as important as the science of cure.

Section 4: Getting the Healing Environment Right

As we establish the environment for our healing rituals we can use the principles of Feng Shui to assure success. We are seeking an environment that allows for the free flow of Chi, and one that supports the healing practices. Most rooms or offices have the potential for being acceptable locations for crystal healing. Being able to examine an area, identify its attributes and deal with any issues is an important skill for the crystal healer.

Section 5: Timing Crystal Healing with the Moon’s Travels

This element of timing is probably the most overlooked of all the elements of crystal healing. Only the most astute and learned practitioners are really aware of the Mansions of the Moon and their healing energies. The Moon’s effects as it travels through the Zodiac have powerful effects on crystals and their healing abilities.

Section 6: Timing Crystal Healing with the Moon’s Phases

The moon is inextricably linked to our minds and souls. It’s tides and times are driving us. For half of a month, the moon is waxing – growing in light and energy from the Sun. From the new moon that we cannot see, through the full moon when we are bathed in all its reflected light, the moon grows daily in apparent size as the area that reflects the Sun’s light becomes larger and larger. Its effects wan and wax driving certain healing efforts to certain times of the month.

Section 7: Understanding the Healing Energies of the Crystal Lattices

Scientists have found that there are six different internal crystal lattices. All crystals form in one of these arrangements. Each of the different arrangements of atoms forms a particular energy conduit.

Fortunately for us, these crystal energies align with the basic needs of humans. But then again, why wouldn’t they? We are of this world, this earth. We have adapted to survive and prosper here. We are made of the same energy as this world. We evolved to prosper on this planet. Mastering the uses of each of these crystal lattices is essential for any crystal healer.

Section 8: Understanding the Healing Energies of the Crystal Earth Energy

Every crystal has a fundamental, elemental earth power: its raw chemical power base. The very atoms and molecules of carbon, silicon, oxygen, and other elements give crystals their fundamental earth power and form the building blocks of the crystal energy matrices.

Modern science has now organized the mineral kingdom into eight classes based on chemistry. While any good mineralogy or geology book will explain the chemical basis of these mineral classes, we are much more interested in how these different power structures can help us be better crystal healers.

Section 9: Using the Power of Crystal Color

Color has a powerful influence over the human mind. Color is visible energy, an element of the Universal Life Force. Color is a special part of the Life Force that through our optic nerve allows direct connections between the Life Force and our minds.

With the research of today’s practitioners of biology, biochemistry, and physics, along with the modern psychological studies of the fundamental effects of color on human bodies and minds, we now know the real, natural effects of gemstone, crystal, and mineral color influence rays. Simply put, the color of the healing crystal has a profound effect on its healing properties and uses.

Section 10: Modern Crystal Cleansing with the Four Elements

According to Empedocles, a Greek philosopher, scientist, and healer who lived in Sicily in the fifth century B.C., all matter is comprised of four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Fire and air are outwardly reaching elements, reaching up and out gathering energy from the Universe. Earth and water turn inward and downward and gather Life Force from the Planet Earth.

Each of the four ancient elements can be used effectively to spiritually cleanse and rebalance your crystals. There is no single answer, no single way.

Section 11: The Chakras Role in Crystal Healing

The chakras are the locations where the subtle energies meet that power the human body and spirit. These meeting places are swirling vortices of energy.When they are in balance the organism is healthy. When they are out of balance, disease and sickness results.

Each of the seven chakras deals with particular areas of functions of both the body and the spirit. Modern usage focuses on the seven chakras, assigns them colors consistent with nature’s rainbow, and concentrates on the interaction of the energy flows at these major intersections.

Today’s crystal healers focus on discovering the imbalances in the body and spirits energy flows then repairing blockages and rebalancing the energy flows. The first step is understanding which chakra(s) are out of balance.

Section 12: Chakra Clearing and Aligning Crystal Layouts – The Circle Balance School

The Crystal Balance School is based on the teachings of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the collection of ideas that seeks to understand the mind of our Creator through the geometry of Creation. Seekers of knowledge and wisdom about the Universe and those that seek to guide and benefit from the Patterns of Life that exist in this Universe have turned to Sacred Geometry for insight and understanding. The Crystal Balance School offers clear guidance for using crystals effectively in balancing and aligning the chakras.

Section 13: Healing Crystal Layouts – Applied Sacred Geometry

With the Chakra’s in balance, specific crystal healing can now occur. In this basic course, we will use three crystal layouts based on Sacred Geometry – the Tripod of Life, the Square and the Hexagon. Each of these layouts uses a standard terminology derived from crystal grid teachings. A crystal layout, whether on a person or not, is essentially a grid.

Crystal Layouts have four primary elements: Focus Stones, Way Stones, Desire Stones and the path (or design) of the energy flow. A crystal layout focuses the Universal Life Force on a particular issue with great efficacy.

Section 14: Healing with Crystal Talismans and Amulets

The Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia and the hundreds of crystal books on the market all explain the uses of crystals showing which crystals are used for which purposes. The crystal healer using this knowledge must supplement it with the knowledge of “how.” How does one use a particular crystal for its intended purposes? One powerful method for the crystal healer is the use of crystal amulets and talismans.

The Exam

The Examination is an open book, untimed 30 question multiple choice test administered by the Crystal Guild. You have 10 days to complete the examination, and you can retake it during that time if necessary. Passing score is 80%. Certificates are emailed immediately after a successful completion. The certificates testify to your status as a Certified Crystal Healer. Successful completion of the examination allows for the use of CCH after your name and the authorization to use the Crystal Guild emblems.


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