The color silver

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silver - symbol of mysteryMuch like pure white, silver is the color of the moon, the feminine, the night, introspection, the cyclic nature of life, coolness, stillness, magic, and ambiguity.

Silver is a mirror, a reflection, and a path to the inner consciousness. Silver is a priestess to gold’s high priest. It is gray, but a reflective gray. It is lonely, altruistic, and aloof. It is a mystery.


Need Crystal Color
Feminine Energy Silver Crystal
Moon Energy Silver Crystal
Introspection Silver Crystal
Coolness Silver Crystal
Night Magic Silver Crystal
Understand the future Silver Crystal
Reflection Silver Crystal
Quiet Silver Crystal
Inner Truth Silver Crystal
Purpose Silver Crystal

crystalSilver crystals find patterns and the inner meanings of events. Use silver crystals and minerals for quiet meditation, finding your real purpose in life, and calm reflection on life’s meanings.




For more information on the power of silver colored crystals read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.