The color Indigo

Indigo Crystals Bring You Wisdom, Truth, Dignity, and Spiritual Mastery.

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indigo symbol of WisdomIndigo is a soft color ray that is made for introspection, and crystals of this color can help you immensely in your quest for wisdom.  Indigo is the color of virtue and maturity.

It is the color of the true birthstone of those born in midwinter (January 20–February 18). Indigo crystals are rare and valuable.

Indigo colored stones combine the intuition of the violet ray with the trust of the pure blue ray. They can help you find your way to a higher plane of consciousness. The indigo crystals are beautiful and powerful stones that will bring you reflexive awareness and comprehension of complex relationships. Indigo is also the color of judgment and long life.

Need Crystal Color
Experience Indigo Crystal
Judgment Indigo Crystal
Long life Indigo Crystal
Maturity Indigo Crystal
Prestige Indigo Crystal
Avoid Foolishness Indigo Crystal


indigo crystals bring you spiritual masteryDarkened with brown, black, or blue, the deeper shades of indigo bring us closer to the deep wisdom of the dark violet rays but with the broader connection and communication openness of blue.

Use dark indigo talismans when you need to open doors or break down barriers and see the truth that only your soul can fathom. Everyone can use more of this color ray in his or her life. Seek it out.

Dark indigo is the color of honesty. It is powerful in Dispeller talismans such as tanzanite when we need to see through efforts of deception. If you are seeking honest understanding of your place in the universe a dark indigo crystal can be your guide.  Dark indigo rays are the best rays for religious and spiritual journeys.

When your goals involve developing mastery of spiritual understandings and practices you should seek a beautiful dark indigo colored crystal.

Need Crystal Color
Morality Dark Indigo Crystal
Protection from Harm Dark Indigo Crystal
Honesty Dark Indigo Crystal
Religious Mastery Dark Indigo Crystal
Spiritual Guidance Dark Indigo Crystal
Spiritual Mastery Dark Indigo Crystal
Spiritual Wealth Dark Indigo Crystal
Truth Dark Indigo Crystal
Reveal Lies Dark Indigo Crystal
Avoid tricks Dark Indigo Crystal
Avoid misrepresentations Dark Indigo Crystal


chakraWhen indigo is lightened and diffused in crystals such as those of sodalite or some fluorite, then indigo becomes the ray of connection, having similar power to that of an amethyst colored crystal.

The difference in uses is a matter of degree and intent. While amethyst connects the old to the new, the light indigo connects us to the natural world and helps us understand that connection.

To maintain a natural connection to life, to be naturally aware of your place, and to keep your soul and mind connected, use a pale indigo crystal.



Need Crystal Color
Appreciation Light Indigo Crystal
Dignity Light Indigo Crystal
Fastidiousness Light Indigo Crystal
Goodness Light Indigo Crystal
Humility Light Indigo Crystal
Modesty Light Indigo Crystal
Thankfulness Light Indigo Crystal
Virtue Light Indigo Crystal