The Color Gold

Golden Crystals Bring You Success, Enthusiasm, Happiness, and Power

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The vibrant mix of the enlightenment of pure yellow and the joyfulness of orange produces the king of colors: gold. It is the natural birthstone color of those born in the magical month of midsummer (July 22–August 21).

chakraThis is a time in the year when we rejoice in the energy of the sun and the growth it creates, which nourishes the body and the soul. The rays of a golden crystal fulfill us and give us the enthusiasm and excitement that make life a wonderful adventure.

Gold is traditionally the color of kings, riches, and the sun. It is all this and more. Gold is as close to a magical color as exists. It seems to touch a deep part of our minds, conjuring up images of mystical places, treasure, and adventure.

goldWe instinctively seek this color. It makes us feel rich, secure, and successful. It is the color of many symbols of power and wealth.

Gold is the color of adventure, success, and power. Gold is the color of the earth fully alive in midsummer. It is the ray of rarity, bespeaking richness and natural value. It enriches the spirit, warms us like yellow, and cheers us like orange.

Gold is the high color, the crown of life. It is all life, sweet, warm—growing and reaching its peak. It is brilliant, sometimes blinding, but always tinged with awe and inspiration. Gold is exuberance.

Need Crystal Color
Adventure Gold Crystal
Ambition Gold Crystal
Enthusiasm Gold Crystal
Excitement Gold Crystal
Excellence Gold Crystal
Initiative Gold Crystal
Liveliness Gold Crystal
Travel Gold Crystal
Ease worries Gold Crystal

In darker shades, the golden crystals have a deeper and more pronounced sense of devotion and commitment, providing us with a mature enthusiasm and the ability to share a lifelong commitment of care and love.

They provide us with the power to lead projects, organizations, and efforts to success. Most important, darker shades of gold are the ultimate power crystals. They exude authority, control, leadership, success, and influence.

Need Crystal Color
Authority Dark Gold Crystal
Control Dark Gold Crystal
Fame Dark Gold Crystal
Influence Dark Gold Crystal
Material Wealth Dark Gold Crystal
Power Dark Gold Crystal
Success Dark Gold Crystal
Feeling Powerful Dark Gold Crystal

Pale gold crystals, like spun flax, offer us the power of toned-down exuberance—they are the crystals of happiness, cheerfulness, and contentment. Crystals that possess the light gold color ray provide us with the pleasure life can offer in simple things.

Pale gold crystals like golden beryl, citrine, and the mineral gold are the best all-around crystals when just improving overall happiness and contentment is your goal.

Need Crystal Color
Better life Light Gold Crystal
Cheerfulness Light Gold Crystal
Confidence Light Gold Crystal
Ecstasy Light Gold Crystal
Engagement Light Gold Crystal
Happiness Light Gold Crystal
Satisfaction Light Gold Crystal
Overcome Pessimism Light Gold Crystal
Deal with Sadness Light Gold Crystal