Crystals that promote optimism and filter out negative energy

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filter symbolFilter crystals are framework silicates. formed by three-dimensional grids of tetrahedrons of silicates that very much look and act like a filter. They absorb certain things and allow others to pass. They filter energy, allowing positive charges to flow and blocking negative ones when properly used and aligned. The feldspars are common Filters, and they have a wide variety of crystal applications.

Filters are similar to Buffers, but have a more specific use. The Buffers are general use crystals used when the need is to achieve balance in life by buffering pressures. The Filters, on the other hand, are used to keep negative energy away from us. When we want help to see the best in others, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to see the good side of something, we need a Filter. It is too easy in life to see the glass half empty, the child as a poor student, or the spouse as a slob. Filters help us see the glass half full, the child as a loving, well-meaning young lady, and the spouse as an excellent provider, devoted to his family.

filter photoThe Filters are a fairly widespread and abundant group of minerals. Nature seems to find it necessary to make them readily available. This is fortuitous. Their positive energy is important to all of us. We all need help seeing the beauty in life, the good in humanity, and the glory that is the natural Earth.

Many efforts to gain what we lack depend on a constant positive outlook and an ability to see the goodness in life. The Filters, particularly the ones with the crystal energy of Seekers and Enhancers, are excellent crystals for a wide variety of efforts.

Lapis lazuli, sodalite, and stilbite in particular are Enhancers with the earth power of Filters. These crystals are excellent for improving everyone’s life by giving them more of a positive outlook and enabling them to appreciate the bounty of this Earth. When found in a light blue color, lapis lazuli is a superb crystal for finding peace and calmness through acceptance and enjoyment of the earth’s bounty.

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