Crystals that promote harmony and understanding in groups

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harmonizer symbolThe Harmonizers, called the chain and band silicates in scientific journals, contain silicate tetrahedrons bound together in a long chain. They distribute power in a balanced, long-term way, promoting harmony.

For efforts aimed at smoothing a path through difficulties, or aiding in promoting a harmonious relationship within a larger group, like an extended family, then a Harmonizer is an excellent choice.

Jade has a long tradition of promoting harmony. Certainly some of it power comes from its Guardian crystal energy structure, but much also comes from its earth power as a Harmonizer.

The Chinese in particular have recognized this inherent power in jade. They have used it for centuries for many efforts that involve promoting peaceful acceptance of situations and ending friction between warring parties. Jade is often the talisman of peace. Its Guardian crystal structure, its Harmonizer earth power, and its green color ray provide a powerful combination for ensuring long-term mutual understanding and cooperation.

Kunzite and Rhodonite are also valuable talismans from this class. They are both powerful Harmonizers. Kunzite is often a light red color and its uses mostly focus on enhancing personal relationships between the sexes. Rhodonite is usually a dark red or scarlet color. As a Harmonizer, it is used to correct misconceptions or to protect people from tricks or deception. Use rhodonite Harmonizers to see behind the masks that other people wear.

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Crystals that channel and absorb energy

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energizer symbolThis class of minerals and crystals—called the ring silicates by scientists, has crystal lattices that contain three to twelve rings of silicate tetrahedrons. There are two basic power structures that can result.

The first is a pillar structure that is a fantastic power conduit, and the second is a spongelike structure that is an efficient absorber of power directed at it. The pillar-structure crystals are mostly transparent; the spongelike ones are mostly opaque, as you would expect. The beryls, like aquamarine and emerald, are of the first type; sugilite and chrysocolla are crystals of the second type.

Tenergizer transmitting energyhe conduit Energizers are crystals that can help you in many efforts to gain what you seek, enhance your life, protect what you value, and defend you from the undesirable elements of life on Earth. For example, the beryls, like emerald and aquamarine, are powerful Seekers, based on their crystal energy matrices.

Combining that energy with their earth power as Energizers makes these minerals perfect crystals for focusing and amplifying the Universal Life Force and your energy to accomplish your quests. Everyone gets tired and discouraged from time to time. The conduit Energizers are a good antidote to allow us to keep our energy level up and our efforts focused.

The absorber Energizers, like sugilite and chrysocolla, are mostly opaque and function more like batteries. They can serve to augment your energy during periods when you are not at your peak. The green color ray exhibited by chrysocolla, for example, augments and amplifies its earth Energizer power for growth and development.




Crystals that bring people and families together

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unifier symbolCalled the group silicates in scientific terms, the Unifiers contain silicate molecules bound in pairs or small groups. Unifiers like tanzanite and zoisite are the most common of these minerals with crystal uses. The basic elemental forces of pairing make these particularly valuable crystals for focusing energy on relationships either between two people or within a family.

If you have a strong relationship you want to ensure continues to succeed in fulfilling your life, a tanzanite or other Unifier is an excellent source of the energy you will need to focus. It will also amplify your efforts to bond with the other person.

Easter dinner Uses for Unifier crystals are focused on relationships with a single person or within a family. Efforts to keep unity within a partnership or family group can always use a bit of help. Unifiers are the right crystals to aid us in keeping people together and happy.

Unifiers are also great crystals for community group efforts. If you are the leader of a small group and seek to ensure it works well together, accomplishes its goals, and continues to be effective, a Unifier will be a big help to you.

Unifiers are very useful for efforts that require instilling allegiance or loyalty. Political efforts particularly benefit from using a Unifier.

The Unifiers are fairly uncommon and rare, but worth seeking out. Vesuvianite and pumpellyite are not too rare, and should be carefully considered for crystals in which the need is for unity of a small group or family.


Crystals that help keep negative energy away

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strengthener symbolStrengthener or Resister  crystals are those that form in the island silicate class. They are formed when tetrahedrons of silicate form islands between the metal ions of a compound. This class of minerals forms very compact materials that are strong, resistant, and unyielding. Strengthener crystals will provide you with the energy to resist temptations and resist distractions from your goals.Garnets are the best know of the Strengtheners, and they are the best crystals to aid you in efforts to stay on course and not be swayed by external forces. It is interesting that so many garnets are in shades of scarlet and red. The red section of the Great Talismanic Color Wheel of Influence is concerned with both physical and intellectual strength.

Garnets such as pyropes, almandine, and mixtures of these minerals have both the chemical earth power of strength and the reddish color rays of strength. The garnets are the most potent crystals of strength, vigor, and resistance because of this convergence of the color ray and chemical earth power.

The green garnets such as demantoid, grossular, and tsavorite combine the earth power of the Strengtheners with the color rays of growth, awakening, and perseverance, giving you excellent crystals for growing strength and power in both your physical and spiritual life.

Strengthener crystals are often used in conjunction with other crystals when new, positive changes are desired, yet negative influences still prevail. Giving up a bad habit (smoking, overeating, arguing with loved ones, drinking to excess, etc.) is tough. The behavior has an attraction that somehow provides pleasure. Resisting that pleasure takes special strength.

strengtheners fruitgarnet or other Strengthener crystal can aid you in pushing back against the allure of the destructive behavior. Another crystal then is usually needed to focus and amplify your efforts to substitute more positive, desirable actions. Usually good success is found by combining the use of a Strengthener with a Builder crystal such as malachite, azurite, or rhodochrosite.

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Buffer Crystals – The Class VII Phosphates of Nature

Crystals that help us our lives and the demands placed on them

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buffer symbol

Most Buffer crystals are phosphates derived from phosphoric acid, which forms compounds that buffer, balance, and neutralize both acids and alkalis.

The Buffers are often referred to as Balancers because turquoise is the most commonly used Buffer and its color of the same name is the color ray of balance.

The Buffers are excellent at restoring the natural balance in situations that have become unstable. They can help you restore equilibrium in your life.

Equilibrium is a vital part of life. As humans we all need a center, a place of repose, a place of balance. We have passion; we need rest. We have growth; we need renewal. We have community; we need space. When we have too much of something, we start to need some of its opposite.

amazon ire

Amazonite – A Buffer crystal

bufer foundWe are creatures of the middle. We want to be wise, but want to learn again. We want strength, but need help. We want understanding, but need joy. We seek vision, but want wonder. We want knowledge, but we want to be surprised sometimes.

Buffers are also weathering stones that help us get through hard times. They soften a blow and put things right. They are able to protect us from outside influences, temper shocks, and add some emotional padding to our efforts to deal with the bumps and bruises of life.


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solidifier symbolThe Solidifiers are the class of minerals that include the sulfates, which are crystals that result from the action of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is a very dense, very stable liquid. These are the most powerful crystals when the need is to solidify a relationship or a new habit. They are used to add permanence to anything that is temporary. All of the crystals from the Solidifier class share this ability to solidify and add permanence. These crystals are often used after the Transformers or Builders.

solid as a rockThe Solidifier crystals are particularly useful in efforts to stabilize a situation. For someone who has finally achieved a desired state, the use of a Solidifier will help him or her maintain that state. They are very useful for people who have dieted effectively and don’t want to regain weight. They are useful for people who have established a relationship and now want to make it permanent. If someone has finally gotten the fame, the fortune, or the relationship of his or her dreams, then a Solidifier should be used to ensure that the fame is not fleeting, that the fortune isn’t dissipated, or that the relationship doesn’t sour.

solid and timelessSolidifiers with the red, scarlet, and orange rays of influence such as crocoite, scheelite, and wulfenite are very useful in efforts to hold on to the joy, strength, and passion in our lives. The golden barite is excellent to help us hold on to our financial wealth or to hold on to our enthusiasm for a project. The pure white gypsum, or a crystalline mass of anhydrite, can be an excellent crystal to help us focus on keeping our freedom safe, and our hopes alive in times of difficulty.


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Builder crystals are carbonates—minerals that are rarely in their final forms, but rather in a transitional state. The class also includes the nitrates and borates that are similar in chemistry and earth power. Azurite, malachite, dolomite, and rhodochrosite are all Builders.

These minerals are similar to Transformers in use. The difference is that Builders are more useful when the beginning state is not undesirable. Transformers are more focused on changing an undesirable situation into one that is more desirable.

Builders are used when there is nothing particularly wrong with the current situation, but the desire is to build something new that might somehow have value in our future. They help in development efforts, in learning new skills and knowledge, and in building new relationships.

The Builders are excellent in applications in which something new needs to be made from something old. Woodworkers, stone workers, artists, painters, and others involved in the creative arts benefit from this type of crystals.

The Builder crystals can help artists and crafts persons to focus on the artistic outcome they are trying to achieve.

Many uses of crystals  focus on efforts to achieve a highly desirable goal. Finding our true love, getting our perfect home, or having a financially secure retirement are all dreams that take a great deal of focus and energy to accomplish. The Builder crystals are perfect aids for such efforts.


Crystals that help us change our lives, situations, and future

transformer symbolTransformer crystals and minerals are oxides that form as less stable chemical compositions become more stable ones when they come into contact with oxygen. The transformative powers of these stones and crystals are legendary. Rubies and sapphires are well-known examples of Transformer crystals from this class.

Transformers are an extremely important class of crystals. Efforts to change our situations, our prospects, our health, our relationships, our outlook, and ourselves can all be enhanced by using a Transformer talisman.

transformingTransformation is a key use of crystal energy and power. Many human activities are aimed at transforming ourselves into something more desirable, more employable, happier, or more capable. Many people are searching for a better life, and know that transforming themselves is a necessary first step.

Some examples of the uses of Transformers include aiding in efforts to develop new capabilities like learning to dance, speaking a new language, growing stronger, becoming a better spouse or child, replacing bad habits, and improving our disposition. Transformation is a key element of many of our efforts to better our lot in life. By transforming ourselves we can transform our lives.

change your lifeThe most famous Transformer, quartz, has extensive uses in crystal therapy and healing. These are efforts that seek to transform a disease state into a healthy state. Quartz is a Seeker crystal with the earth power of the Transformer. Its success in the healing arts is due to the combination of its crystal energy matrix and its earth power to transform.



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Crystals that bring out the beauty of life

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brightener symbolThe Brighteners are crystals that form in the halide mineral class.  They are formed by the action of hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid. When these chemicals come into contact with metals, they form crystals that are often very brightly colored, among the brightest of the mineral kingdom. These crystals and minerals, such as halite and fluorite, are prized for their ability to bring out the beauty in something. 

brighten up your dayThe Brightener crystals are particularly useful for enhancing efforts that focus on the sensual aspects of life in which some aspect has become dull, tarnished, or dingy. A longtime relationship can go stale and become dull with repetition or neglect. A Brightener crystal can help focus efforts to make the old seem new, to add luster where there was the patina of neglect, and to polish up skills, capabilities, and approaches to life and love.

The use of Brighteners should seriously be considered by many seeking a crystal. Many desires are for a brighter future in some way. The Brighteners are very utilitarian crystals. They are the generalist crystals. Their uses are not particularly restricted, as are the uses of many of the other crystals. For example, someone who wants to simply enhance his or her life and have a brighter future could start with a Brightener. Using one that has the Enhancer crystal energy structure like a fluorite would be perfect for a general desire to just have a better life in some unspecified way.


brighten your dayThe Brighteners also have a specific use in helping us see the best life has to offer. Too often we are focused on our problems, afflictions, and illnesses. Life truly is a great adventure, and this planet truly is a wonderful place. We need help sometimes in recognizing the good things we have and in truly appreciating them. The Brighteners are good for our disposition. They add color and zest to life and give it meaning.
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Crystals that help us see that which is hidden from us

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< mirror crystalsMirrors are crystals and minerals that are found in the class of minerals called sulfides. These minerals are formed from sulfur, or more accurately from hydrogen sulfide. They are usually volcanic in origin. They are normally opaque and have a metallic sheen or luster to them. This mirror like surface is an outward manifestation of the power of these talismans to reflect what is normally hidden

These crystals are excellent aids in knowing yourself, as they help reveal things that you consciously didn’t realize. They reflect you as you are, not as you normally see yourself. They reveal that which is hidden.

They help strip away pretensions, reveal truths, and give you the ability to see things as they really are. They help you to avoid being deceived by appearances. They make good touchstones of veracity. There are really few in circulation. They are relatively unknown except for pyrite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, and cinnabar.

Mirrors are particularly useful as self-help crystals. Often the first step in self-improvement is to understand how you got to where you are. We need to learn about ourselves before we can make meaningful change. The Mirror crystals are perfectly suited to help you with your efforts to really know yourself and your desires better.  They make excellent meditation crystals.

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