The Color Yellow

Yellow Crystals Bring You Enlightenment, Optimism, Warmth, and Clarity

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Yellow SymbolYellow is the color of the coming of the sun and the warmth it brings. It is the color of the bright days of early summer, and as the sun high in the sky lights up the landscape, its yellow color ray brings us the power of enlightenment, lighting up the landscape of our search for knowledge. It is the color of the summer solstice ushering in the bright time of long days, warm temperatures, and sustained vigor.

Yellow is the color of the natural birthstones of those born in the beginning of summer (June 21–July 21). It is the color of midday, midyear, and the beginnings of midlife. Yellow is a color of journeys beginning well, full of promise and sunny optimism.

crystalYellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. They help you to see things in new ways and to become enlightened. They add clarity to your life. They help you wake things up and add zest, optimism, and meaning to your life and relationships.

There is sometimes confusion between the uses of green and yellow crystals when the focus is on beginning and growth. Green is the color of physical growth and renewal. It is used for efforts that are aimed at growth, particularly of physical things.

Yellow crystals are used for new efforts, new beginnings, and new projects when the objective is not necessarily the growth of something physical. For efforts that are related to growing a successful garden, a green talisman would be best. For efforts that are aimed at becoming a better cook, yellow is a good choice.

Need Crystal Color
Enlightenment Yellow Crystal
Optimism Yellow Crystal
Realism Yellow Crystal
Warmth Yellow Crystal
Dealing with Harshness Yellow Crystal

In lighter shades, yellow crystals, such as citrine, are useful for keeping awareness of important things, when day-to-day life can lead to forgetfulness. They are used extensively for ensuring that new relationships get off to a good start by aiding in the establishment of good communication. They give you the power of heightened awareness that lets you focus on the needs of the person or group your are getting to know.  They let you  use your energy to be aware of your surroundings and the subtle nuances coming from others. Use light yellow crystals for efforts that involve enhancing communications, particularly within families!

Need Crystal Color
Increase Alertness Light Yellow Crystal
Become more Aware Light Yellow Crystal
Communicate better Light Yellow Crystal
Achieve Higher Consciousness Light Yellow Crystal
Be Better Organized Light Yellow Crystal
Deal with Thoughtlessness Light Yellow Crystal

Dark yellow crystals bring us the power and energy of clarity that come from true awareness and concentrated yellow energy. Dark, deep yellow mutes the youthfulness of awakening with the maturity of a long wakefulness and a growing maturity.

Need Crystal Color
Constructive Thought Dark Yellow Crystal
Decisiveness Dark Yellow Crystal
Free Expression Dark Yellow Crystal
Persuasiveness Dark Yellow Crystal
Precision Dark Yellow Crystal
Success in Selling Dark Yellow Crystal
Verbalizing Needs Dark Yellow Crystal
Overcome misconceptions Dark Yellow Crystal
Reveal Self Deceit Dark Yellow Crystal

The dark yellow ray of influence is very useful for enjoying a maturing relationship. Use it to spice up a relationship or friendship that might be being neglected.

Dark yellow crystals are also excellent aids when decisiveness, precision, or persuasiveness is needed. They are the “Salesman’s Stones” that bring success in efforts to sell ourselves, products, or services to others.