Mansion Auspicious times

There are auspicous times to make and use crystal conjure magic.  Here is the guide,

The Mansions of the Moon are used in Crystal Conjure Magic to determine the auspicious times to make and use crystal amulets, talismans and conjure  magical items, and to use those items with the most efficacy.  The Mansions of the Moon are the 28 divisions of the Zodiac that are transited by the Moon in its approximately monthly orbit of the Earth.  The ancient wisdom of the Picatrix guides us to use the travels of the Moon in the Zodiac to time our crystal magic, providing us with the auspicious times for elective use of astrology, herbal and crystal magic.  Here is a summary of the auspicious times for activities such as making and using magical items based on the energy of  each Mansion.

For example If you are making a grid for New Beginnings, you will find the most auspicious time to make it is monthly when the Moon transits the first Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Sacred Flame.

(You may find ancient names for the Mansions of the Moon.  We use the modern English translations of the mansions based on the elemental energy of the Zodiac signs.)  

You can track the travels of the Moon through the Mansions of the Moon in the daily blogs in the Crystal Inner Circle or use the Daily Crystal Horoscope.  You can also find a universal calendar at

Here are the auspicious times for rituals and magic listed by the Mansions of the Moon.  

Quick Find:  

On a portable device use the small magnifying glass of your reading app to search for a particular use such as “brotherhood” or “belonging” to quickly find the right Mansion for an auspicious time to conduct a ritual or make a magical item.  On a computer use Ctrl or Cmd key and “F” to bring up a search bar.  

1 Mansion of the Sacred Flame

Addiction Therapy Support, Affection, Approval, Benevolence, New Beginnings, Rebirth. Generosity, Neutralize Bitterness, Deal with a Broken Heart, Caring, Compassion, Condescension, Consideration, Fight Cruelty, Decency, Direction in Life, Despair, Deal with Disrespect, Cure Emotional Blackmail, Deal with Exploitation, Deal with Feelings, Goodness, Deal with Gossip, Deal with Imperfection, Harmony, Brotherhood, Congeniality, Courtesy, Grace

2 Mansion of the Hearth 

Deal with Abandonment,  Belonging, Comfort, Communication, Companionship, Compatibility, Overcome Conflict, Contentment, Deal with Detachment, Emotional Calm, Emotional Strength, Emotional Support, Engagement, Enhanced Listening Skills, Family, Fire Energy, Group Working Well, Health, Home, Deal with Homesickness, Hospitality, Listening, Material Comfort, Mothering, Praise, Reconciliation, Recreation, Redemption, Relaxation, Renewal, Rest, Establish Roots, Safe Place, Security, Sense of belonging, Deal with Separation, Sharing, Spouse, Thinking Critically, Clear Thinking, Togetherness, Understanding, Unity, Warmth, Community, Dedication, Nurturing, Diversity, Domestic Bliss, Empathy, Family Life, Forgiveness, Friendship, Manners, Marriage, Abundance, Enjoyment, Merriment, Better Life, Harmony


3 Mansion of the Dawn

Ancient Wisdom, Anticipation, Apprehension, Calm, Brow Chakra, Cheerfulness, Cleanliness, Constructive Thought, Deal with Despair, Divine Energy, Enlightenment, Expectations, Faith, Deal with Gloominess, Hope, Illumination, Inner Vision, Inspiration, Inventiveness, Manifestations, Deal with Meanness, Deal with Melancholy, Deal with Negative Thoughts, Overcome Negativity from Others, New Love, New Perspectives, Optimism, Overcome Pessimism, Positive Outlook, Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Reliability, Deal with Sadness, Self Enlightenment, Serenity, Deal with Sorrow, Spiritual Awakening, Sun Energy, Deal with Tragedy, Tranquility, Ease Worry, Yang Energy, Discovery, Energy, Awakening, Contemplation, Creativity, Solar Energy, Encouragement, Receptiveness, Calmness, New Beginnings 

4 Mansion of the Herbalist

Balance, Deal with Cravings, Ward off Curses, Education, Protection from Evil, Grounding, Growth, Banish Ill Wishes, Long Life, Material Things, Maturity, Deal with Physical Pain, Potency, Practicality, Revitalization, Skill, Vitality, Wholesomeness, Wild Life Energy, Bountiful, Physical Growth, Creation, Nature 

5 Mansions of the Eagle

Afterlife, Access Akashic Records, Communicate with Angels, Deal with Blasphemy, Celestial Energy, Heaven, Idealism, Independence, Inner Peace, Insight, Leadership, Religious Mastery, Salvations, Spiritual Energy, Astral Travel Third Eye Chakra 

6 Mansion of the Sky

Civility, Clear Sight or Clarity, Eloquence, Deal with  Emptiness, Fairies, Fashion, Freedom, Fulfillment, Music, Self Expression, Stimulate Imagery, Talent, Artistic Expression, Beauty, Enchantment, Awareness, Artistic Inspiration, Following  Your Heart

7. Mansion of Free Spirits

 Brainstorming, Change, Conformity, Curiosity, Desire, Emotional Unblocking, Enthusiasm, Experience,  Exuberance, Fearlessness, Free expression, Humor, Inner Strength, Liberty, Liveliness, Personal Growth, Poetry, Self awareness, Cure Self Doubt, Self Esteem, Self Worth, Sense of Worth, Transformation, Vision, Life Plan, Chance, Fun, Happiness, Delight, Ambition, Control, Conquering Fear, Courage, Adventure, Enjoyment, Merriment, Follow Your Heart, Change, Control 

8 Mansion of The Lake

 Deal with Aging, Deal with Aloofness, Answers to Mysteries, Beauty (inner), Belief, Birth, Giving, Centering, Clarity, Concentration, Confession, Discretion, Endurance, Equilibrium, Face Reality, Focus, Hidden Knowledge, Ideals, Dispel Illusions, Inner Truth, Intimacy, Introspection, Invincibility, Meaning, Meditation, Soothe a Troubled Mind, Mystery, Peace, Protecting Property, Protection, Quiet, Reflection, Shelter, Conviction, Exploring the Unknown, Visualization, Character, Calmness


9 Mansion of the Sea

Emotional Energy, Femininity, Fertility, Perseverance, Deal with Powerlessness, Pragmatism, Purification, Qi, Sex, Strength, Universal Life Force, Water Energy, Yin Energy, Power

10 Mansion of the Storm 

 Deal with Abuse, Adaptation, Deal with Adversity, Deal with Aggression, Deal with Anarchy, Deal with Arrogance, Deal with Confusion, Get more Energy, Overcome Fright, Guardian Stones, Deal with Hate, Deal with Hostility, Deal with Lust, Masculinity, Deal with Pressure, Problem Solving, Psychic Protection, Deal with Rage, Resistance, Deal with Ruthlessness, Self Reliance, Strategy, Valor, Victory, Deal with Violence, Action, Physical Prowess, Deal with Danger, Deal with Harshness, Deal with Adversity, Conquer Fear, Courage

11 Mansion of the Alchemist 

Ability – Intellectual, Balance Relationships, Base Chakra, Success, Development, Dexterity, Discipline, Deal with Disillusionment, Genius, Gold, Industriousness, innovation, Intelligence. Knowledge, Learning, Logic, Avoid Mistakes, Objectivity, Open mindedness, Order, Organization, Patience, Perception, Planning, Precision, Stick to Principles, Quest, Reason,  Intellect, Diligence, Tenacity

12 Mansion of the Red Dragon

Attractiveness, Deal with Austerity, Eagerness, Emotional Release, Excitement, Extravagance, Fame, Overcome Fear, Fortune, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Luck, Riches, Wealth, Prosperity, Confidence, Aura Protection, Conquest, Success

13 Mansion of the Valley 

Abundance, Freedom from Want, Earth Energy, Efficiency, Farm, Harvest, Material Wealth, Sacrifice, Support, Cooperation, Physical Growth


14 Mansion of the Mountains

Agreeability, Bliss, Closeness, Destiny, Dignity, Deal with Disorientation, Excellence, Foresight, Goal Setting, Immortality, Deal with Feelings of Inferiority, Deal with Feelings of Mediocrity, Mindfulness, Mystical, Openness, Paradise, Peace of Mind, Presence, Prestige, Purpose, Rapture, Recovery, Reverence, Self Discipline and Control, Self Knowledge, Strength of Character, Universal Love, Virtue, Wisdom, Devotion

15 Mansion of Wings 

Ability – Organizational, Develop an Ability, Advancement, Capable, Good Financial Results, Good Reputation, Greater Openness, Influence, Cure Laziness, Money, Nobility, Possessions, Professionalism, Profit, Progress. Respect, Self trust, Selling Successfully. Success in Exploring the Unknown, Trust, Wishes Come True, Adversity – Courage to Face, Grandeur, Achievement, Confidence, Prosperity, Better Life


16 Mansion of the Clouds

Amazement, Play, Magic, Culture, Alertness, Ability – Psychic, Air Energy, Deal with Boredom, Boundaries, Deal with Contradictions, Dreams, Cure Bad Dreams, Eccentricity, Epiphany, Fantasy, Joy, Leisure, Fun, Delight, Sacral Chakra

17 Mansion of the Snows 

Celebration, Deal with Grumpiness, Cure Heartache, Innocence, Majesty, Originality, Pleasure, Sensuality, Shamanic Dreaming, Deal with Stress, Deal with Timidity, Wonder, Adventure, Loneliness, Awe


18 Mansion of the Stream

Deal with Animosity, Assertiveness, Deal with Bigotry, Commitment, Competition, Deal with Corruption, Deal with Crisis, Deal with Cynicism, Deal with Distress, Duty, Fidelity, Fortitude, Honesty, Imagination, Remove Inhibitions, Initiative, Deal with Legal Matters, Banish Lethargy, Mature Love, Mellowness, Morality, Motivation, Obligations, Let Go of the Past, Deal with Problems, Deal with Rigidity, Subtlety, Willpower, Determination, Persistence, Travel Safely, Drive Action, Physical Prowess, Throat Chakra

19 Mansion of Steam

Deal with Apathy, Authority, Deal with Awkwardness, Cure Bad Habits, Cure Bad Temper, Deal with Betrayal, Decisiveness, Dependability, Deal with Envy, Deal with Failure, Deal with  Fatigue, Protection from Physical Harm, Deal with Intimidation, Physical energy, Deal with Repression, Deal with Resignation, Success in School, Survival, Team Spirit, Teamwork, Deal with Tension, Vigor, Deal with Weakness, Lose Undesired Weight, Ambition

20 Mansion of the Flame of Passion 

Deal with Doubt, Charisma, Fight Dependency, Deal with Faithfulness, Future (good), Gentleness, Glory, Integrity, Love, Lover, Loyalty, Deal with Meekness, Morale, Passion, Patriotism, Persuasiveness, Popularity, Productivity, Quality, Sexual Energy, Shamanic Journeys, Solidarity, Soul mate, Tenderness, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Kindness, Pride, Determination, Conviction, Exploring the Unknown, Heart Chakra 

21 Mansion of the Aurora

Deal with Depression, Discernment, Encourage Vivid Dreams, Remembering Dreams, Ecstasy, Dealing with Emotional Stress, Inner Dimensional Travel, Intuition, Deal with Loss of Love, Luxury, Negative Energy Clearing, Prophecy, Protection from Evil Eye, Protection from Psychic Attack, Psychic Power, Rewards, Romance, Solar Plexus Chakra, Solitude, Avoiding Tricksters, Youth, Magic, Wonder, Awakening, Contemplation, Creation, Artistic Expression, Beauty, Delight, Visualization

22 Mansion of the Desert 

Deal with Absentmindedness, Prevent Accidents, Advice – good, Carefulness, Deal with Complacency, Cunning, Emotional Control, Avoid Foolish Acts, Deal with Forgetfulness, Deal with Frailty, Frugality, Hell, avoiding, Humility, Identity, Deal with Impatience, Ingeniousness, Instinct, Deal with Irrationality, Deal with Panic, Rationality, Realism, Reality, Seriousness, Avoid Sickness, Speaking Truth, Vigilance, Avoid Fight, Aura Protection, Travel Safety, Awareness

23 Mansion of Trees 

Citizenship, Earth, Deal with Grief, Humanity, Deal with Indifference, Deal with Loss, Memory Improvement, Accessing Past Lives. Recover Memories, Rehabilitation, Responsibility, Sensitivity, Service, Stability, Deal with Superficiality, Temperance, Heal Emotional Wounds, Nature 

24 Mansion of the Wind

Acceptance, Choice, Deal with Discontent, Individuality, Deal with Irritability, Change, Adventure 

25 Mansion of Breath

Appreciation, Chakra Balance, Channeling, Charity, Consciousness, Divine Love, Fairness, Gallantry, Gratefulness, Gratitude, Justice, Kundalini Energy, Mildness, Modesty, Politeness, Deal with Pomposity, Spiritual Wealth, Thankfulness, Understanding Heart, Values, Sympathy, Kindness 

26 Mansion of the Waves

Autonomy, Boat, Boy Friend, Fight Chaos, Fatalism, Diligence, Tenacity, Overcome Insecurity, Self Confidence, Sobriety, Surrender, Conquest, Success, Devotion, Dealing with Adversity, Achievement, Determination, Persistence, Drive, Attitude, Domestic Bliss, Empathy, Family Life, Friendship, Manners, Marriage, Energy, Conquer Fear


27  Mansion of the Bridge

Apology, Class, Cohesiveness, Completeness, Girl friend, Mercy, Stop Quarreling, Deal with Racism, Remorse, Repentance, Deal with Resentment, Generosity, Brotherhood, Congeniality, Courtesy, Grace, Cooperation, Culture, Pride, Avoid Fight, Sympathy


28 Mansion of the River

Reciprocity, Overcome Selfishness, Selflessness, Serendipity, Generosity, Abundance, Encouragement, Generosity, Brotherhood, Cooperation, Bountiful, Crown Chakra