Free Spirits


17 Gemini 8 to 0 Cancer.

The Mansion of Free Spirits

The Mansion of the Self


As the Moon transits the Seventh Mansion, the energy is that of empowerment and the essences of true free will. The energy weakens oppressive forces, conformity, and suppression and encourages those of choice, freedom, and truth. This is a time of innovation, of dreaming, new horizons, and new realities. It is a time of new directions and new methods. This is a time of the power of visions as the Moon transits the Mansion of the Free Spirit. People of all walks of life are born while the moon transits this Mansion. They are the innovators, the scientists, the explorers, the creators, the writers, the poets, the engineers, the people that perpetually ask “what if” then find out. People born as the Moon transits this mansion are the free spirits of the world; not the eccentrics, but those that follow their heart wherever it leads. They are unbound by profession, lifestyle or other’s expectations. When the Moon transits the Seventh Mansion explore your hidden desires and needs. Trust that you have choice and that you are free in your life to find your happiness. Try new things, and take new approaches to life, The cosmos is with you. Explore you, and as you do, find challenges for yourself. Life is dead and stagnant without challenge. Get out from under others’ needs and wants during this time, and find the time to feel alive. Be the most awake, free, and highest form of yourself as the Moon transits this Mansion. The cosmos is aligned and ready to set you free. Follow your heart during this time, for it is the home of your spirit. When you do, and the accomplishments towards your desires become real, you will feel free. Find your passions today and pursue them

When the Moon is transiting the Mansion of Free Spirits it is an advantageous time for rituals and magic for:

 Brainstorming, Change, Conformity, Curiosity, Desire, Emotional Unblocking, Enthusiasm Experience, Exuberance, Fearlessness, Free expression, Humor, Inner Strength, Liberty, Liveliness, Personal Growth, Poetry, Self awareness, Cure Self doubt, Self esteem, Self worth, Sense of worth, Transformation, Vision, Life plan, Chance, Fun, Happiness, Delight, Ambition, Change, Control, Conquering fear, Courage


Crystal of the Mansion

The crystal of the Mansion of Free Spirits is Amber

The Herbs of the Mansion

The herbs of the Mansion of Free Spirits  are lilac, myrrh, meadowsweet,  and willow bark

Spirits of the Mansion

Hecate, the Greek goddess of Spirits, Morrigan, Greek goddess of Phantoms, and Cerridwen, Celtic goddess that is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge.